Makati, Philippines ranks No. 1 of the world's fastest internet Speed download - As of May 21, 2011

Makati City, Philippines’ Business Capital and the center of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) ranks No. 1 of the world's fastest internet Speed download connection according to the Net Index as of May 21, 2011.

The exceptional speed downloads of 37.29 Mbps hosted by the world fastest internet connections provider, the Globe Telecoms of having the highest speed of 172.08 Mbps as recorded by the Global Net Index.


Top 15 Cities World’s Fastest Internet Connection

1.       Makati City, Philippines (Ave. of 37.28 Mbps of Globe Telecoms 172.08 Mbps)

2.      Seoul, Korea (Ave. of 31.29 Mbps of Lg Powercomm ‘s  50.38 Mbps)

3.      Vilnius, Lithuania ( Ave. of 31.37 Mbps of Uab Kavamedia ‘s 48.62 Mbps)

4.      Kaunas, Lithuania (Ave. of 31.19 Mbps of Meganet’s 43.50 Mbps)

5.      Hamburg, Germany (Ave. of 30.81 Mbps of’s 45.69 Mbps)

6.      Stockholm, Sweden ( Ave. of 27.18 Mbps of Bredband2’s 61.51 Mbps)

7.      Bucharest, Romania (Ave of 27.16 Mbps of Sc-geo-net-consulting-sri’s 70.11 Mbps)

8.      Lasi, Romania (Ave. of 26.45 Mbps of Rcs & Rds’ 38.09 Mbps)

9.      Riga, Latvia (Ave of. 24.25 Mbps of Jsc Balticom’s 46.61 Mbps)

10. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Ave. of 24.29 Mbps of Hutchinson Global Comm’ s 62.71 Mbps)

11. Timisoara, Romania (Ave. of 24.18 Mbps of Banat Interlink’s 40.19 Mbps)

12. Paris, France (Ave. of 23.14 Mbps of Numericable’s 31.87 Mbps)

13. Den Haag, Netherlands  (Ave of. 22.14 Mbps of Casema B.v.’s 31.63 Mbps)

14.  Chisinau, Moldova (Ave. of 22.96 Mbps of Danis SrI’s 53.42 Mbps)

15. Rotterdam, Netherlands (Ave. of 22.89 Mbps of Intermas Bv’s 36.46 Mbps)

With the Philippines’ most vibrant IT-BPO industry that surpassed over India, high Speed internet connection is 1 of the requirement for the continuous growing market of the business outsourcing industry. IT-BPO industries are often used VOIP or Voice over IP to communicate their clients abroad. As officially reported last year by the Everest Group that the Philippines had overtaken India in the number of people employed by the IT-BPO and shared services industry, Investors of IT-BPO leap higher to continue serving their clients as many clients abroad become dependent on their world class services.

Also, the results of an IBM study – The Global Location Trends Report – announced about the same time showed that the Philippines had also over taken India in terms of revenue for the BPO business. The, comScore also wrote – which measures Internet activity – announced that the Philippines had the highest social network penetration among Internet users of any country in the world. It is excluding the social networking penetrations of the 10 Million Filipinos who are scattered and working outside the Philippines as OFW.

On May 9, 24/7 Wall Street – which purports to offer analysis and commentary for investors – proclaimed the Philippines the “Social Networking Capital of the World.”

High speed internet connection record is worthless if it is not used wisely and efficiently but for the record of the Makati City, Philippines, high speed internet connection is necessary for the IT-BPO industry and not for Social Networking prowess.

It is no wonder why the Philippines doesn’t have level internet connection speed except Makati’ City’s BPO business capital. For the fast expansion of IT-BPO around the Philippines, It is required that the other city must have to comply the IT-BPO requirement of high speed internet connection. Furthermore for the recently opened server for cloud computing in the Philippines; consistent and high speed internet connection is also required.

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